Wingra Creek

Posted on June 6, 2011


Wingra Creek, formerly known as Murphy Creek or Murphy’s Creek, connects Lake Wingra to Lake Monona. Nearly the entire creek is considered parkway and the Wingra Bike Path follows the creek allowing easy shore access. The City of Madison is half way through a multi-year restoration project aimed at improving the creek in multiple areas. Fishing will only get better as a result of the improvements.

Wingra Creek runs along the bottom of the map. Click map for larger view.

Section of creek from Wingra Dam (top, not visible) to Fish Hatchery Road (bottom)

This section of the creek pictured above is the most heavily fished. See the Vilas Beach post for coverage of the area around the dam.

Parking rules along Wingra Drive

Fish Hatchery Road to Park Street

Restoration work on this section pictured above was just completed under phase 2 of the project.

Park Street to Quann Park

Park Street to Baird Street was the first phase of the restoration project.

Quann Park to Olin Avenue

Quann Park is the site of a popular dog park so you’ll often see some doggies splashing about in the creek. Restoration work on this section is scheduled to begin this winter.

Olin Avenue to Lake Monona

The creek ends up at Olin-Turville Park. Restoration work on this section will be completed under the final phase of the project.